Monday, June 20, 2011

As long as we use money

As long as we use money as a medium of exchange,
we will always have poverty. It's the basic economic
principle of supply and demand.  There must be a
constant and increasing demand for money; otherwise
it's valueless.  Those who most need money must
continually labor for it simply to survive. The more
people need it, the more willing they are to do
abominable things to get it.  Wealthy and politically
powerful people control the money supply, restricting
global trade for profits.  Used for world domination
and the spread of terrorism, those who control it wage wars
and pass trade agreements impoverishing the many
to benefit the few.  We don't have to barter individual
goods and products.  By voluntarily using our skills and
abilities to benefit humanity by structuring service, social and
industrial unions to produce, develop and distribute
the world's resources we can abolish the overwhelming
social ills caused by money:  poverty, homelessness,
global environmental destruction, waste, illiteracy, war,
injustice, crime, slavery, governmental and corporate
corruption and fraud, overpopulation and ill health
around the world.  Only by abolishing money can
international cooperation secure genuine
world peace, aided by the use of Esperanto, the
international language of peace.